BBEXPRESSで人気のEasySMX ゲームパッド

EasySMX gamepad popular at BBEXPRESS

BBEXPRESS's popular EasySMX gamepad has been delayed in production due to wireless chips, but it is gradually arriving in stock.

The latest design, ESM-9013, has a white and green design that resembles a familiar game console. It has a form that fits comfortably in your hand and features a battery life of 20 hours.

ESM-9013 Gamepad EasySMX

More new products. SL-9110 is the wired version of ESM-9110.

The ESM-9110 is a gamepad that has all the same functions as the Nintendo Switch. You can customize the operation by assigning your favorite buttons to the back of the controller. The ABXY button can also be set for rapid fire.

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